Tokyo Roppongi Hills 45-gigapixel panorama photo


This is an amazing 360 photo-panorama done by Jeffrey Martin for It shows everything around the Ropponggi Hills area except the Mori Building that the photo was taken from.

He used a Canon 7D digital SLR and and a huge 400mm telephoto lens. The combo gives amazingly sharp images of the Tokyo Tower which is about a mile away. Even when zooming in to see the people walking around the observation platform.

They used a robotic system called the Clauss Rodeon. Which is a programmable mount that allows the camera to move and shoot every area of Roppongi very quickly.

You can zoom to street level to see the people of Tokyo scurrying along, or zoom out to see all the amazing buildings in the area with unbelievably clear focus.

Click the the “full-screen” arrows to get the full effect. or head to their website.