Japan True Stories

This is unfortunately an ongoing series

As I bumble and stumble my way through the Japanese culture, I have been taking extensive notes. A collection of awkward situations, or a trail of destruction? You decide. These are my True Stories. I have not only witnessed them, I am usually the tragic character in the center of the confusion. So click the links, and check back often. I can’t seem to write them down fast enough.

  • If you are not living in Japan,  I ask you one question;  Are you still wearing your shoes?
  • If you are living in Japan,  I ask you one question;  Are you still wearing the bathroom slippers?


• Cow Piss
Don’t knock it, until you try it.


• Stolen Bicycles and getting arrested
He say you under arrest…  He say you Blade Runner…
Tell him you got the wrong guy pal.

Part 1 – The Mama Chari
Part 2 – The Sting
Part 3 – The Specialist
Part 4 – The Showdown


• The Japanese Barber Shop
The barber schools in Japan have a textbook entitled;
Learn the Rules Before You Break Them – The Martin Sheen Haircut.


• My First Haircut at a Japanese Barber Shop
Everything was fine until I began to speak.


• Getting beat up by the Yakuza
Do I look Brazilian?












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