Okinawa, A new direction in travel and tourism


Combining electric rental cars, dedicated tablet PC’s and a spring-training-baseball tour may not seem like much. But this is a game changer, excuse the pun.

This is the next step in travel tourism.

Camploo - okinawa! Campaign 2012 Website.
Camploo - okinawa! Campaign 2012 Website.

Imagine having all the current baseball team information and player stats available to you in a tablet computer that is also telling you how to get to the stadium and where to eat. Better yet, have it come with the electric car you just rented instead of the useless dated “area map” that rental car companies give you. Have the tablet give you constant information about the car you are driving using real-time telemetry. Then top it off with a few touchscreen games based on the area and teams you are there to see.

This is what NISSAN Motor company is doing this spring in Okiniwna Japan. It is called “Camploo – okinawa! Campaign 2012

Some big Japanese companies have come together to make this happen. Organized by one of Japan’s biggest touring companies, JTB, The idea is to combine Okinawa’s eco-friendly electric cars with the Japanese spring baseball season. The Nissan LEAF, The Bandai Namco game company, and Family Mart are all in on the fun.

When you think about the possibilities of this form of tourism, it is pretty exciting. Why stop at spring training baseball. Why not have one for the Temples of Kyoto, or the restaurants of Paris, why not have that handheld electronic gizmo you get in a museum plug in to your electric car and start taking you around town.

Nissan News Releases – Jan-March 2012