Nagoya Centrair Airport

Nagoya Central international airport
Nagoya Centrair Airport runway. Out your right window is the terminal, out the left window is the ocean. Prepare for takeoff.

This is the Central Japan International Airport, or Chubu Centrair airport as its called. The airport is built on a man made island in Ise bay near Nagoya city. Make sure you have a seat on the left side of the plane, because you are right on the ocean as the plane takes off. It also means that if you are heading to Tokyo for a connecting flight, you also get a chance to see Mt. Fuji blasting through the cloud cover.

Mt. Fuji as seen from the other side of the plane.
Mt. Fuji as seen from the other side of the plane.

If you don’t get a seat on the left side of the plane because you were too busy thinking of a thousand other more important things, you get the shots you see here. The Panoramic (above), and this Mt. Fuji reach-over-stiff-arm digital-zoom shot from across the aisle. Though it’s a horrible shot, I honestly can’t believe it even came out. It still cracks me up.

Nagoya Centrair Airport is like a shopping mall with airplanes flying out of it. They have a lot of great stores and restaurants all modeled like an old style Japanese town. The last time I was there they had a Korean pop band doing a question/answer session with a crowd of screaming girls. The part I like best is that they let you walk around on the top of the terminal that sticks out into the runways. You can see the cities and mountains all around Ise Bay and watch planes take off and land to your heart’s content.

Nagoya Centrair Observation Walkway
Nagoya Airport from roof observation walkway

What if you are the type of person who likes watching airplanes take off and land. But, on the other hand, lets lets say you also like… let me think… how about, public baths. WOW if there was only a way you could do both at the same time. Well you have come to right airport. They also have a Japanese public bath house that is built on the runway. I have not been to it yet but Centrair’s website sums it up nicely;

Japanese bathhouse on the airport runway   (photo courtesy of

“This is the only bathhouse in Japan where you can enjoy watching take offs and landings at an airport from the comfort of the bath itself. As well as brimming with the atmosphere of the aircraft, in the distance you can enjoy the picturesque scenery of Ise Bay.”