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The Japanese Barber Shop

The Martin Sheen Haircut

They say that once you are able to talk to a barber and a cab driver in a foreign country, using a foreign language, you are now considered fluent. Of course until you reach that skill level you are considered a jackass (rough translation).  Generally, the service industry is the front line of any country…

Atari – (当たり) Wacky Japanese Language Fact

Atari Logo and atari kanji

Atari is the infinitive form of the the verb ataru. Based on the “tou” Kanji (当,) which means “to hit.” Atari is written; 当り(in kanji) or あたり(in hiragana). I like to think that the Atari kanji had something to do with the design of the logo. The logo reflecting the 3 flowing lines, both vertical and…

Manga Kissaten Kanji (Nihongo Word Smash)

Manga Kissaten Sign

The manga kissaten is a place to read your favorite manga and have some coffee so that you can stay awake to read more manga. The “comic book coffee shop”, to use its direct translation, has evolved over the years into a kind of information convenient store. What I focus on here is the Nihongo…