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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Why the Japanese don’t litter

  I will begin this post about Japanese garbage, trash, and litter with a soccer story. It was the 1998 World Cup in France. The Japanese...

Featured Photo: Gobo chicken sign

This is a sign outside of the small town of Gobo in Wakayama Japan. It makes for a great Kanji quiz, as all destinations...

Okinawa, A new direction in travel and tourism

Combining electric rental cars, dedicated tablet PC's and a spring-training-baseball tour may not seem like much. But this is a game changer, excuse the...

Featured Photo: Storm clouds near Kariya Japan

Featured Photo:  Dark storm clouds start rolling in over rice fields and power lines near Kariya. Aichi Japan. .

Koyasan’s Wood Covered Temple Stamp Book, Go shuin chou.

  I have great photos of the very rare wooden-covered Japanese goshuinchou (temple stamp book). Most large temples in Japan offer the Goshuinchou . But this...

Featured Photo: Karatsu Black Pine Forest, Kyushu

The fall colors only seem to be effecting the leaves crawling up the side of this pine tree. The Karatsu Forest is a long...

The Japanese Temple Stamp book, Go shuin chou

"The honorable red stamp notebook". The name itself is so awesome that it actually makes stamp collecting sound cool.   The Japanese temple book is one of...