Featured Photo: Sanyo Solar Ark

Sanyo Solar Ark, Gifu Japan
Sanyo Solar Ark, Located in Gifu Japan

The Sanyo Solar Ark is a giant seemingly floating solar panel located in front of Sayno’s Gifu plant. It is extremely long at almost 3.5 football fields. (344 yards, 315 meters, about .2 miles). Though it looks like the world largest environmentally friendly corporate sign, it is still a very impressive display of technology. You get a great view of it through the train window because the train line runs so close to the building.

The only problem is that the train is going at 170mph as you pass the building. The shinkansen (bullet train) stations are nowhere in site, so the trains are at max speed at this point of the track. If you have a point-and-shoot camera, you’ve got one chance to nail the shot.

You are better off actually going to the building as a group tour, which hosts a solar energy museum and outdoor exhibition nature trail. and even if you don’t actually go to the building you can get a cool shot of the building across the rice fields with the bullet train actually in your shot.

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