Tea 16. The Fruit Punch of Japanese Teas

Tea 16. The Fruit Punch of Teas.
Tea 16. The Fruit Punch of Teas. 

Tea 16 is an amazing Japanese drink that combines 16 of the world greatest tea flavors into one Super Tea. The fruit punch of tea. The greatest hits. An all-star game in your mouth if you please. It has a great aroma and is very refreshing. It is available throughout Japan in premixed bottles or take-home packs.

Ju roku cha (十六茶) as it’s called, means simply “16 tea”. The kanji on the label, though hard to read, is basic kanji that any beginning Japanese language student should be able understand:

十 – ju (ten)

六 – roku (six)

茶 – cha (tea)

Due to its popularity over the years, there have been many imitators.  二十一茶 (Tea 21).  二十四茶 (Tea 24).  Even a Korean brand that has literally tried to one up them by making “Tea 17″.

The 16 flavors are listed on the Asahi website. It is in Japanese but can roughly be translated into these 16 flavors:

  1. Job’s Tears (a tropical grass)
  2. Barley
  3. kuromame (black bean)
  4. Brown rice
  5. habucha (Tea)
  6. mulberry leaves
  7. jiaogulan (Tea)
  8. kombu (type of Kelp)
  9. lingzhi (type of mushroom)
  10. sasa veitchii (type of bamboo)
  11. persimmon
  12. sesame
  13. mikan peel, (orange peel)
  14. eucommia (type of bark)
  15. black rice
  16. shiso (type of mint leave)
J-Pop group AKB48 is like tea 16 except there are 48... and they are girls...
J-Pop group AKB48 is like Tea16. Except there are 48… and they are girls… (photo-AnimeExpo)

I thought that maybe they can rotate different flavors into the top 16. Based on popularity. like AKB48 and other multi-member j-pop girl bands.

It made me think what would happen if it inspired other countries to combine their cultural beverages.

  • – France can make Wine 3. A combination of wines. Red, white, and rose.
  • – The US can make Soda 3 with Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper.
  • – Ireland can make Beer 2. combining Harp and Guinness. (Heyooooo)