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Hello Kitty as Chunichi Dragons baseball player. Nagoya team in the Nippon Professional baseball league.

Baseball in Japan

The American Baseball Player. Japan loves baseball. The longer you live there the more you realize how crazy they are for the sport. Team logos are seen...
Japan's Seven Star and Speed Racers's Mammoth Car

Kyushu Japan’s New Luxuy Train; The Seven Stars

The Nanatsuboshi (which means "seven stars" in Japanese) is a new high end extravagant luxury train built by the Kyushu Railway Co. Aside from it's...
1964 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo Japan

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Tokyo getting awarded the 2020 Summer Olympic Games is great news for Japan. A country that has taken a beating in the last few...
The View from Ishigaki island in Okinawa Japan.

Okinawa Named Top 10 Place to Visit.

Okinawa Japan was recently named one of the Top 10 places to visit in 2013 by Coastal Living Magazine. Claiming that Okinawa "Has what...
Kumamoto Castle's main tower (called a "tenshu" in Japanese).

Kumamoto Castle and The Last Samurai

Kumamoto Castle (熊本城) Kumamoto Castle (熊本城) in Kyushu is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cultural landmarks in all of Japan. The Castle plays a key role in two of...

Okinawa, A new direction in travel and tourism

Combining electric rental cars, dedicated tablet PC's and a spring-training-baseball tour may not seem like much. But this is a game changer, excuse the...
Storm clouds near Kariya Japan.

Featured Photo: Storm clouds near Kariya Japan

Featured Photo:  Dark storm clouds start rolling in over rice fields and power lines near Kariya. Aichi Japan. .
Koyasan Wakayama wood cover temple book goshuinchou

Koyasan’s Wood Covered Temple Stamp Book, Go shuin chou.

  I have great photos of the very rare wooden-covered Japanese goshuinchou (temple stamp book). Most large temples in Japan offer the Goshuinchou . But this...
mama chari

Stealing a Bicycle in Nagoya Japan. Part 1 – The Mama Chari

My first Japanese bicycle was a hand-me-down from my district manager in Nagoya. She was a big blonde Australian girl named Amanda. She had...
The Kurokawa Police Station in Kita ward of Nagoya City.

Stealing a Bicycle in Nagoya Japan. Part 2 – The Sting

  Read Here First - The Bicycle Thief.   Part 1 - The Mama Chari The Kurokawa Police Station is conveniently located around the block from the...