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Tea 16. The Fruit Punch of Teas.

Tea 16. The Fruit Punch of Japanese Teas

Tea 16 is an amazing Japanese drink that combines 16 of the world greatest tea flavors into one Super Tea. The fruit punch of...
Atari Logo and atari kanji

Atari – (当たり) Wacky Japanese Language Fact

Atari is the infinitive form of the the verb ataru. Based on the "tou" Kanji (当,) which means "to hit." Atari is written; 当り(in kanji) or...
Calpis Bottles and cans

Cow Piss. カルピス

Anyone who spends any length of time in Japan is eventually asked these questions: Do you drink cow piss? Do you like cow piss? Would you like...
Japanese Temple Stamp book, Goshuinchou

The Japanese Temple Stamp book, Go shuin chou

"The honorable red stamp notebook". The name itself is so awesome that it actually makes stamp collecting sound cool.   The Japanese temple book is one of...
Youme Town Department Store, Beppu Japan

Youme (You me?) department store, Beppu Japan

The Youme department store. Finally there's a store for myself and anyone in my immediate vicinity. I thought that this would be a genius...
Manga Kissaten Sign

Manga Kissaten Kanji (Nihongo Word Smash)

The manga kissaten is a place to read your favorite manga and have some coffee so that you can stay awake to read...
depresso coffee drink

Pick me up, or drop me down?

I wondered if you were supposed to drink this when you were depressed, to kind of lift your spirits? Or drink it if you...