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  •  Name:  Sink the Bismarck!
  •  Date: (film made) - 1960
  •  Date:  (film setting) - 1941 May 25-27
  •  Director:
  •  Father Video Tape #
  •  Based on: Book - C. S. Forester - The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck (Little Brown, 1959)
  •  View Quality: Youtube 1080p
  •  Run Time:
  • Amazon DVD: Sink the Bismarck!
  • Amazon Book: (Currently named) Sink the Bismarck!

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This is a good commander vs commander cat and mouse drama. I know they took some liberties with the historical accuracy. but they get the main idea across without turning it into a soap opera like Midway does.


This movie made me want to learn more about the history of the event. I remember seeing this one on videotape and loving the take-down-the-big-guy feeling. I was so inspired by it as a kid, that I drew my own comic book with my own characters to depict the tale. I would put it on the shelf with my father's Alistair MacLean novels. and call myself a "writer". I'm hoping to read the book by C. S. Forester that its based on. Its got to be good.


I read a lot of comments about the old style special effects looking very dated. But like I say in my VCR Page, watching movies with videotape quality on an old tube tv screen, really blurs out a lot of details. so everything looked awesome to me.


Good War Tech moment when they show the loading and aiming of the ships main guns.

I think they use the same footage for all ship-loading scenes, they just change the sailors uniforms to match the ship. But it's still awesome seeing the size of that shell and the machinery used to bring it up to the deck and load it in a hurry.



It says;  "Be As Dumb As You Look" in big block letters on the desk in the RAF Briefing Room in the film.  Though the expression is pretty common, it takes on a different meaning if you start with the word "Be"and not "Don't be".  I'm kind of fascinated by how and why it's being used. Especially when it's intended to be a lesson to British pilots. Not sure if I'm overthinking that one.

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