The Toyota Logo

Learn Japanese from Car Names. The hidden needle and thread in the Toyota logo is a reference to their origins as a maker of cloth looming machines.

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Getting beat up by the Yakuza

The Yakuza, simply put, is the Japanese mafia. It is Japan’s infamous organized crime syndicate. Like their Italian counterparts, they have been elevated to legendary pop-culture status through countless movies,…

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Why the Japanese don’t litter

Japanese cheerleaders asking you to take your garbage with you. Yurtec Stadium Sendai, Home of the Vegalta Sendai J-League professional soccer team.   I will begin this post about Japanese…

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10 Japanese Foods That Are Not Sushi

Yakiniku sizzling on a table top barbecue.

The Meat Lovers Guide To Japan. You want to go to Japan, perhaps for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But you have one major worry; You don’t like fish. You are a meat eater and you’ve been one your whole life. And if you don’t like fish, I’ll assume that eating…

The Top 2 Frank Lloyd Wright Hotel Lobbies

The Front of the Fabulous Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel

 Wright designed precious few hotels. This was going to be a top 10 list, but to the chagrin of every student of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright did not make 10 hotels. With over 500 projects to his credit, Wright designed precious few hotels. All but 2 have been completely demolished. So without…

Can You Be Kawaii in Full Hockey Gear?

Yurie Adachi

You can if you are the Japanese Women’s Olympic Hockey Team. It is a little strange seeing “cute” and “hockey” in the same sentence but hockey blogs and news outlets everywhere seem to be putting the two words together for the first time to describe the Sochi Olympic’s number one under-dog…

Meeting Kazunori Yamauchi

Yamauchi Kazunori

I have a continuing series where I meet famous Japanese people and attempt to talk with them in Japanese. This weeks disastrous episode is Kazunori Yamauchi (山内 一典), creator of the legendary Gran Turismo series on the Playstation, and CEO of Polyphony Digital. I wanted to say, “Shashin wa daijoubu…

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Baseball in Japan

Hello Kitty as Chunichi Dragons baseball player. Nagoya team in the Nippon Professional baseball league.

The American Baseball Player. Japan loves baseball. The longer you live there the more you realize how crazy they are for the sport. Team logos are seen everywhere and the players endorse…